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The services offered by a divorce lawyer

family law

There comes a time when marriage is not working, and when this happens, you will need the services of the divorce lawyer. The divorce process well is not an easy process, and the first thing that you need to do is get a divorce lawyer that understands you. Well, it’s important that you know that the divorce lawyer has the best interest of you at heart you will also need a lawyer that has dealt with divorce battle before. Someone who has been in business for long is an advantage because they will know the best ways to deal with situation whenever they rise. The services that you will get with a divorce lawyer include;


Separation agreement

family lawSo many married couples will decide that they want a separation agreement instead of the final divorce. They will come up to an agreement of what is expected to each spouse in the divorce. The divorce lawyer will help you find the needed rules that you want your spouse to follow. The separation agreement must be legal because if it’s no finalized then if one spouse was to incur debt, then the other spouse can be liable. That’s why so many people get the separation agreement rather than anything else.


If you are in a marriage and you earn more than your spouse, or the spouse receives more than you then the one who earns more in obliged to give the other partner alimony. The alimony will be paid each month, and this is entirely different to the child’s support. Because so many people confuse the alimony with the child’s support. The divorce lawyer will be helpful in determining if the alimony is needed and how much you should pay. He/she will make sure that you get the alimony that you deserve, something to take note of is that the alimony will be paid until the occurrence of something.

Child custody and support

supportWhen the marriage couple decides to get the divorce the kids will always be affected by the divorce. The lawyer will help you and your partner come up with an agreement concerning the custody and support of the kids if you can’t find an agreement then you will need the help of the lawyer. The case of the custody of children sometimes gets serious that the couples have to go to court. So that the judge can up with something that will work for both the parent or give the custody to the parent who he feels is perfect for taking care of the kids.

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